Equal Opportunities

Statement For the Aikido in Kent Association 2014

We are an organisation to working towards equal opportunities.
It is out aim that there shall be equal opportunities in this Association. There will be no discrimination on grounds of sex, being married,
Disability, colour or race which is not permitted by law; or on any other irrelevant grounds, including age or having dependents (except) where this is necessary to ensure that the art of Aikido is done safely and effectively).

We also aim to create an environment in which all members and users are able to contribute and use the art of Aikido fully, what ever their back ground or situation. 

This principle will apply to all users of the art of (Aikido) members and in relation to recruitment and promotion, to all members who take part.

All members have a responsibility to apply this principle and we expect our member’s act in the line with statement when practicing the art of Aikido.

Joe McEnroe
Chairperson for and on behalf of the Aikido in Kent Aikido Association
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